Crowdfunding Collection #173, including every tabletop rpg project started between 06/20 and 06/27

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #173, including every tabletop rpg project started between 06/20 and 06/27.

The collection is back with a small number of very interesting projects. Let’s have a look at them.

I am quite enamored with Floria: The Verdant Way. The game is a translation of an Japanese ttrpg, by the team that brought Summon Skate to fruition. In Floria, you’ll play people who are actually called „Florias“. The towns are surrounded by a quite magical forests, which the Florias venture into, explore and collect herbs. Being Florias, they can utilize those herbs, integrate them into their bodies, to magical effects. The dice system is essentially 2d6 roll under, with a truly interesting system for using the herbs. Which involves drawing onto a grid. Take a look for yourself! You will find, that Not the End, has a more narrative approach. The game that was first published in Italian, before receiving a translation, sees one playing heroes. Those characters are described with words writting onto hexes within a matrix of hexes. Thus the system is named „HexSys“. It doesn’t use dice, but instead colored tokens. You can have a look at it via a quickstarter the creators provided. Check it out. The Tide Breaker RPG does take a cooperative approach to setting creation. The system uses a d6 based pool system, and is supported by other elements like „stunts“, „showstopper“ and others. Which looks all in all quite sound. You might find even more action in the superheroe game S5E, which is system wise based on the mechanics as provided by D&D 5E. The rulebook will offer you tools to create your own setting, and powered characters. You’ll find a „ready to be played“ setting in the „Midnight City“ book. Plus the package gets really rounded with a monster manual. The project looks nice, and I recommend having a look at it.
In regards of gamebooks, the Graphic Novel Adventures books combine the concept with comics. Something, that almost got me hooked.
There are of course more interesting stuff. If you like DCC, you might like to check the sourcematerial provided in the fancy looking project DCC Dying Earth or delve into the adventure named A Discordance with Dzyvatz. Fans of Trophy gold should probably have a look at Tides of a Dead Sea. Though, if you look for some system-neutral material, Oracle Issue 12 – Celtic Theme got you covered (tho you get 5E rules) as well as the Tabletops and Tentacles Magazine #3. In regards to the „solo game“, I wasn’t sure what to make of The Book of Asmodeus. It looks like a mixture of a gamebook, a book offering riddles and a phone app. I considered it quite interesting, and hence included it, even with the tenuous ttrpg connection.
You’ll find those, and more cool projects, here:

English Crowdfundings

4 Roleplaying Games
1 Gamebook
2 Settings
2 Magazines
2 Sourcebooks
4 D&D Sourcebooks
2 Adventures
3 D&D Adventures
1 Dice Projects
4 Maps
3 Enamel Pins
2 Various RPG Projects
1 Solo Game

German Crowdfundings

1 Sourcebook

Spanish Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying Game

French Crowdfundings

2 Roleplaying Games
1 Artbook


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