Crowdfunding Collection #175, including every tabletop rpg project started between 07/11 and 07/18

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #175, including every tabletop rpg project started between 07/11 and 07/18.

I’ll start with Dreampunk, a surreal roleplaying game. As the name suggest, you’ll be playing a dreamer, who within their dreams, may interact with other dreamers. One might brave adventures, face nightmares and has to figure out whether they even wanna wake up again. The system is based on 78 uniquely designed, tarot sized cards, offers 9 playbooks for the players to choose from and can be played with, or without, a GM. I backed it, and consequently recommend it. Then there’s the newest game from Greg Stolze named DUELING FOPS OF VINDAMERE. The setting ist about fencing and being somewhat Bridgerton style, though the main focus appears to be on the mechanics. The game is designed to be played right out of the box, with zero prep, and no GM, sessions lasting somewhat between 1 and 2 hours. The further descriptions found in the video and in the text, remind me somewhat of his game „A Dirty World“, and I recommend you take a look. Fans of Science Ficiton rpg should have a look at Galaxies – The Game. It describes its system as rules-light, fast and easy to learn, and the setting seems nice. Plus, the core book got one covered with 100 adventure hooks.
In regards of the two fantasy ttrpg, let’s start with Crowns. The game offers a OSR set of rules, an adventure and a sandbox. With the OSR rules offering a unique combat system, and adjustments in the areas of monster design, character progression and healing. It’s presented in a nice, to the point magazin format, and I actually like the illustrations by Jacob Fleming – at least the cover one. The last full game to mention is Fallen Worlds. The game offers a postapocalyptic fantasy setting, with a focus on the fantasy aspect. It will come in two books, and judging by the pledge design it uses dice. If you are interested in a fantasy world that appears somewhat extensive, take a look.
In regards of gamebook, Jonathan Green is back with RONIN 47, a mecha vs. kajiu book from the ACE Gamebook series. I backed several of his other gamebooks, and do gladly recommend that you check it out. Even I am somewhat intruiged. Then there’s The Dragons Tears: Embers Fate gamebook. Uhm. It’s the first project of the creator, who hasn’t backed any other project (with his account). Plus, I’ll rate the plan to write a gamebook, including system testing, in 4 month ambitious. I personally won’t back it and I advice caution.
There are of course more interesting projects. Squeaks in the Deep will enrich both ttrpg Pugmire (dogs) and Monarchies of Mau (cats) with playable rats and mice and an adventure – in which you don’t have to play a rodent. I trust the creator and like the previous book. Thus, check it out! Other than that, Mörk Borg fans might enjoy the adventures in the KENNELS OF KARNAGE and I really like the design of the Dragon Tears Dice.
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5 Dice Projects
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