Crowdsourcing Content for a Sci-Fi Loom

Hi all, I’m busy typing away at my Sci-Fi/Horror hack of Trophy Gold, which is going to have a built in setting. I’d really to to build that setting the same way Loom is built, rather than just dropping an info bomb, but it’s a lot of creativity all at once, so I thought I’d tap the community to see what other people can come up with. Anything anyone posts that I use will be credited in the game.

Here’s the broad strokes of the setting so that people have an idea what kinds of things and content I’m trying to generate. The setting basically Space Station Bastion and the surrounding system, which is a wasteland of scrap and salvage from a thousand worlds. The system is cut off from the Empire of Man (better name pending) and has to survive by salvaging the surrounding hulks and detritus to keep the lights on. The Station is pretty huge, maybe 100K plus inhabitants. It has a variety of nefarious corporations, who obviously have their own agenda about salvaging and using alien tech. There’s a station government that’s pretty beholden to corporate and union interests, a dockyards and mining operation run by unions of various sorts, a sort of middle class core, and the deeps, which is the home to criminals, cults and other strangeness.

Out in the deep black you have licensed salvage crews, corporate crews, explorers, and all manner of outcasts all fighting over the best salvage. The setting is deliberately open about exactly what kind of alien presence the PCs might find, although the default is ‘just about anything’.

As part of the journey rules, and to add some evocative detail to the ‘downtime’, bit I’m going to work the station like something that’s a cross between Hearthfire and Loom. I want a bunch of targeted random tables, and there will be a lot of detail that will be supplied by the players at various stages of the game.

I don’t want to get too specific on content, so generally speaking the categories of Loom content I’m looking to fill are: Corporate Shenanigans; Criminal Stuff; Cults; Organized Labor (Crime?); and the Black, which covers rumors about anything happening off station. In all cases Loom is the template, so evocative bits about characters, organizations, events, whatever. I appreciate any and all suggestions immensely and feel free to wander away from the categories is the mood strikes you.

I don’t know about Loom, but what I like from such worlds (much like ours :wink: ) is to explore their holes ; stories deep parking lots, ducts, mall emergency exits, you get the picture.

Is there such a thing of Empire of Man? Where’s the evidence for its existence? True, physical evidence…not just deepfake videos? “The corporations and unions say so”? You know how easy it is for demagogues to to create false narratives and misinformation. Truth is, the corporations and unions have no idea of where Space Station Bastion came from, but they dare not admit their ignorance. Might as well blame it all on some imaginary Empire.

Ah, but I know. I’ve seen the clone vats that the machines use to manufacture people, complete with false memories. The truth is Space Station Bastion is an R&D lab, built by a powerful AI, who want to conduct “social experiments” on us. And when one experiment is finished, they’ll purge us all, and then release the next batch of colonists.

Overthrow the AI overlords? Nah, we tried that in the last few iterations. Doesn’t work. No, what we need to do is to figure out what results our overlords want in this iteration, and then carry it out to the letter. That avoid their attention, at least long enough for us to plot an escape plan. If you want to know more, go to the Deeps. Ask for the “Bastion Historical Research Society”. You’ll find us.

Be careful when associating with us. They will denounce you as a conspiracy theorist. They seek to isolate you and dismiss you as a fringe lunatic. Ignore them. This social experiment is about to end pretty soon, and our opponents will be the first to be purged by the AI overlords that lurk within the corridors. Let’s hope to be the last.

Keep in mind that the “Bastion Historical Research Society” has no real evidence to prove their allegations, so they may not necessarily be a reliable source here.