Cult Classic (playtest)

This is a one-shot playtest for my game Cult Classic, where we use tarot cards to collaboratively tell the story of an obscure TV show with an obsessive fanbase - what it was about, its cast and crew, the myths and legends that have grown up around it, and what it means in the lives of some of its biggest fans. It’s inspired by my love of Twin Peaks , behind-the-scenes gossip and fan cultures, and Hazel Jane Plante’s Little Blue Encyclopedia (for Vivian) . As the game is in development the rules may have some rough edges, but I’m confident we’ll still have fun with it.

SAFETY TOOLS: This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct ( and use safety tools including the X Card, Lines and Veils, and the Open Door.

RSVP OPEN ACCESS TIME: 6.30pm 9 December AEDT.
SET UP INFO: Sessions will be over StreamYard, using for the tarot elements. I’ll send a reminder email with more details a week before the game.
BREAKS: One ten minute break.
RECORDED: With player consent only. I’ll ask for consent to post recording after the session.
PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: I’ll be teaching rules during play.

Session link:

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