Dark Sun PbtA?

Anybody know of a good DS hack, or have ideas on how to tweak existing ones for Dark Sun?

I stumbled with this “Dark Sol III” which looks interesting, but I don’t know how much actual play it actually saw. Anyone knows this?



Interesting read, thanks for sharing! I’m only a little acquainted with either the PbtA non-family/non-philosophy/etc, or with the Dark Sun setting – yet here I am flapping my gums anyway! Do you have particular area of concern? I did see this piece of self-criticism from the author:-

‘It is probably too-D&D or “rules heavy” for the real AW crowd. And it is probably too “Indie” (or whatever) for the D&Ders.’

Certainly the booklets look pretty richly textured, and the mechanics look significantly different from the PbtA ‘norm’ – is there even a PbtA norm? – in particular the 2(or so!)d20 mechanic for equivocal success is an interesting plot twist. (Not sure if it’s original to this particular PbtA game… there’s a whole lot of 'em out there!) From the internal narrative it’s a revision of – or is at least aware of – two earlier iterations, and claims to have seen tabletime at least in their own group. I’m not seeing a lot of discussion of it elsewhere, though…

If your preference is for a more ‘orthodox’ take, I also happened across this, which appears to be drop-in booklets for otherwise standard DW:-


You might be interested in Fantasy World and its SILIKA quick setting :wink:
This is not meant to be a perfect Dark Sun adaptation, but DS was one of the main sources of inspiration for this setting.
The wiki-rulebook text is being expanded and revised for clarity and completeness, but the rules are 100% final.
The SILIKA text is also final, although it might be revised for typos.


This Fantasy World and SILIKA look awesome, Alessandro. I’ll take a careful look at them. Thanks.


Thanks :relaxed:
Let me know if you have questions or need support. Or if you actually play, and how it goes :smiley:

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