Dave Arneson Game Day - October 1st

Tomorrow is the start of Blackmoor Week - which ends on October 1st with Dave Arneson Game day! In general people are encouraged to learn more about the inventor of our hobby, and perhaps get something “old school” to the table.
Personally I encourage folks to check out the Secrets of Blackmoor documentary https://www.secretsofblackmoor.com/
Maybe swing by https://blackmoor.mystara.net/ or try and find a copy of Champions of ZED – a really cool game based on extensive research that attempted to synergize the vision and work of both Arneson and Gygax.

For my bit, each year for Blackmoor Week I run our only site-wide sale. Everything on the Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace is 20% off. Just use coupon code “Arneson” on the shopping cart page.
Here’s a quick list of our Publishers:

Of special note, we just added POD copies of all 43 of the Advanced Adventures line of modules by Expeditious Retreat Press, so if you are looking to run an OSR game consider picking one up.

What are you doing for Dave Arneson Game Day? I’ll be running games and manning a booth at SHUX con in Vancouver.

Ooh, this is a good excuse to use my Arnesian odnd house rules! http://tinyurl.com/seanfsmithodnd

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Sure is! And those look like fun house rules, purely 2d6 based.

And having a read of them has reminded me that I don’t actually have a morale/reaction rules in my Dungeons Unleashed! rules . . . I’ll have to included that in my next revision.
(Ok, there is morale stuff for large units in the Battle System appendix, but I think a general rule is needed too.)

bitfed here asked about more general details/links. Some years a bunch of folks do a little blogging on the subject.
A good place to check for some “roundup” is http://blackmoormystara.blogspot.com/ Havard will probably post something everyday, and usually notes some things he’s come across other’s doing.