Defying Danger, the RPG

Hey all! It dawns on me that I never shared this here.

There was a little conversation on the Dungeon World Discord, discussing what it might look like to have a Dungeon-World like game with no stats, and where most of the basic moves were only available to specific classes. I was apparently in need of a distraction from my bigger projects, and whipped this guy together.

I haven’t had a chance to actually play it yet myself, but there’s a couple people who have. It’s even been translated into Italian!

One bit of feedback I’ve gotten is that the game feels “harder” than standard DW or WoD, because you’re often rolling a straight 2d6+0. The intent is that players should largely try to avoid a straight 2d6 roll whenever they could, by positioning themselves to use their better move and/or their “good” Defy Danger areas. I’m curious how others perceive the difficulty level.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated, of course!



Interesting! That’s a nice, slick game.