Delta Green: Last Things Last (one shot)

You’re new recruits to a vicious conspiracy that prides itself on its willingness to do anything to keep people safe from (and ignorant of) the unnatural. Your first job is to clean up after a former agent’s death—natural causes, nothing weird, just make sure there’s no evidence about the conspiracy left behind. Sounds pretty straightforwad, right?

The tone of this game is horrific and serious. We’ll be using the quickstart rules, including pregenerated characters. Delta Green is a more trad and crunchy system than I normally run, so this is a bit of an experiment and may include some rough moments figuring out rules, so only sign up if you’re okay with that. I’m also going to trial my alternative to the core game’s Sanity mechanics, which I hope will maintain the horror while reducing the ableism. No rules knowledge is required and all rules will be taught during play.

Subject matter in this game will include violence, gore, body horror, harm to innocent people, being buried alive, references to cancer, claustrophobia and implied/veiled references to family violence. Characters are likely to face intolerable choices and do terrible things.

We’ll use lines and veils, the X card and the open door as safety tools, and the game will run under the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

The game will run over Zoom with short breaks on the hour, and will not be recorded. I’ve scheduled four hours to make sure we have enough time for a satisfying story, but will aim to finish closer to three hours. I’ll email players a week before the session to confirm attendance and share play materials.

Open access time for sign ups will be 8am 8/4/22 AEST.