Delta Green - Working Group Phoenix

Number of Sessions: I am currently scheduling for 4-6, depending on the players’ choices and how long certain scenarios take to complete. It is preferred that you can make each session, but it is not required. You will need to RSVP to each session. I am aiming for 4 players per session but can expand by one or two if there is enough demand.

After the initial campaign, this will become an open-ended, open table game with multiple GMs that players can drop into and out of.

Content Warning: Delta Green is a horror game. As such, you can expect unpleasant things to occur as part of a scenario. Exposure to violence and helplessness are tracked stats within the game. While the Unnatural is a part of the setting, the real horror is what humans are willing to do to each other for power. We will be using safety tools, but the campaign is designed to have uncomfortable ideas.

Description: Delta Green is a covert group inside the United States federal government. Its mission is to investigate, contain, and conceal Unnatural events because the Unnatural is real and it kills. The world of Delta Green is like our own, but beyond the edges of reality are powers that outstrip the human mind’s capacity for understanding. Sometimes those powers bleed through into our world and destroy everything they touch.

“Working Group Phoenix” is designed to take a group of Agents from their initial contact with the Unnatural to their final realization as to the nature of the conspiracy.

Duration: Around 3 hours, with breaks.

Safety Tools in Use: Open Table, Lines and Veils, and X-Card are in use. See the “Content Warning above”. We will go over things in the initial session and review them at each session’s start. We will follow the Gauntlet Code of Conduct.

Setup: I plan to run the sessions using Roll20. I will use Discord as a fallback for audio as Roll20 is sometimes flaky.

Recording: With permission, I will record the session for the Gauntlet. I would also like to do an “in-universe” writeup of the game’s events, also with permission.

Open Access Time is 2021-01-08T17:00:00Z

Session 1 - Shock - 2021-03-07T18:00:00Z2021-03-07T21:00:00Z
Session 2 - Denial - 2021-03-14T17:00:00Z2021-03-14T20:00:00Z
Session 3 - Anger - 2021-03-21T17:00:00Z2021-03-21T20:00:00Z
Session 4 - Depression - 2021-03-28T17:00:00Z2021-03-28T20:00:00Z