Depths Unfathomable Playtest (5 sessions)

Dive underwater, face the denizens of the deep, escape with the future.

Depths Unfathomable is a work-in-progress Forged in the Dark game. You play as the residents of Eyri, a community that survives in post-apocalyptic Earth by diving to the bottom of their sacred river and recovering salvage from the time before the fall. During the Dive phase, you brave the dark depths of the river to return with salvage. During the downtime phase, you play out scenes on the surface including complex community discussions about what technology should be allowed to resurface and what should be buried in the past.

Mechanically, it is quite different from Blades in the Dark. It uses cards rather than dice and “downtime actions” are replace by Firebrands-style minigames.

Thematically, this is a game about rooting through the remains of the old world and deciding together what should be kept for the new. Colonialism (and its long shadow) are a major topic, with community placed as the best weapon and refuge.

But at the same time, it keeps the tense and satisfying action-adventure fun of the original system.

Content Note: Character death is a very normal part of the game.

This is an early playtest so some of the more experimental rules might not work very well. Please only sign up if you’re okay with that!

Attendance at all sessions is strongly encouraged.

Tools: Zoom, Character Keeper on Google Sheets (The game might be recorded for playtesting reasons if everyone is okay with it. It will not be published.)

Safety Tools: The main safety tool for the game will be Lines and Veils. The X-card as well as Open Door will also be in use, as will the Gauntlet Code of Conduct (