DeScriptors diceless RPG is now free online and seeking feedback for a future edition has been created to host a free, rewritten and reorganized version of the diceless word play TTRPG driven by transformative character arcs.

First and foremost, I want people to know that it’s free and you can access it online any time! There’s even a fully annotated example of play that shows how the system ensures no player character ends the session with the same traits they start with, definitively realizing a personalized story arc like you get in any good novel, movie, TV show, etc.

But importantly, I’m trying to get eyes on it because the ultimate goal is that this site forms the basis of a new edition of the game. It’s been around in some form since 2015 and has a lot of additional rules and settings with loads of scenario ideas and pregenerated characters. Plus we’ve been working on lots more. It would be awesome to have people provide feedback that we can incorporate into this massive update, planned for later this year. There’s a feedback form on the site for this purpose. (A lot of game design I learned from lurking on these forums has been incorporated into the game already in the release DeScriptors: Definitive Edition.)

I hope to see more folks playing and talking about the game! And hey, even if you don’t, enjoy a freely available game accessible via a cleanly designed website any time you want! It’s perfect for quick-playing scenarios, forum/discord play, convention games and so on. There are even links to actual play sessions performed by the Worldbuilder’s Anvil podcast.


Hello, I really like the format of DeScriptors : it’s really easy to play. It is probably easy to use in the classroom, too, for individual or collective storytelling.
And because it’s simple, it’s robust and tweakable : locations can be more or less abstract, players can propose some adjectives for their fellow players’ characters, etc. I see you propose a lot of variants. Cool !
That’s the sort of games I would like to be able to make.

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I appreciate that! The flexibility is a huge part of the design we’ll be expanding on in the future. We have several rules variants coming out for the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam, so you can get a peak out some of our new designs.