Designing as my younger self


It recently came to my mind as a thought experiment: if I had the design tools, and community backing at hand I have now, what kind of games would I have made as a younger person?

Which mechanics, which settings, which play style would have been my interest in design? Something I wouldn’t do anymore? But maybe should consider?

How about you? Aren’t we all roleplayers and able to roleplay our younger self designer for a moment?

Age 11-20: Gothic climate apocalypse (as I was a goth and political activist)
Age 21-30: German House of Cards (as I was working at the Bundestag)

Age 14-22: ritualistic, with stimulants, hedonistic
Age 23-30: highly analytical, precise & codified, large groups


So tools and backing, but not exposure to more recent systems? I did actually write up these… curious combinations we’ll call them… back in the day

Age 19-21 : a Rolemaster Palladium hybrid… percentage skills, profession for every class combo, lots of abilities for every profession. Style would be dark fantasy, conan/lankmar

Age 22-26 : a Mage the Ascension/Shadowrun hybrid, 2D6+stat+skill, less high end cyber/weapons, more competing factions in the cities, some based in astral space

one last point - I once asked on usenet forums if anyone has mashed up shadowrun and darksun, the only response was ‘You are evil and must be destroyed’ :stuck_out_tongue: