DIE: Playtest Version

DIE is an in-development RPG by Kieron Gillen, based on his comic of the same name. DIE is about a group of roleplayers who, as adults, come together to play a session of a game they played as teens, only for things to go very strange very fast. The game involves playing both the players and their characters. Familiarity with the comic is not essential, but is recommended. (If nothing else: it’s good!)

This game is scheduled for three sessions of four hours each. Due to the nature of the game - and because it is currently in playtest so I don’t want to mess with the formula too much - I do ask that you only sign up if you can make all three sessions. This will be a specific exception to the usual open-table policy. In the event of players signing up for sessions out of order, precedence will go to the player order for the first session. The sessions will be recorded, and uploaded to YouTube with the consent of all participants.

It’s Christmas 2004 in the small English market town of Keythorpe. It’s the first time all five of us have been home at the same time since we all left for Uni or work or whatever else after we finished school. It’s been, what, three, getting on for four years now since we last played? But I thought maybe we could all get together for a one-off session of our game. If everyone wants to. If nothing else, we can have a few drinks. Anyway, see you soon.

This game will be run in accordance with the Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy, and we will be using the X-Card and Script Change. DIE is a game of fantasy horror, and as such some horror elements (violence, threat, body-horror) are likely to feature. The core of the game is also quite personal, specifically looking to replicate a group of realistic roleplayers who played together as teens, and whose relationships will form the core of the drama. As such, there is fair potential for bleed.

Sunday, July 14, 2019 6:00 PM2019-07-14T22:00:00Z Session 1
Sunday, July 14, 2019 6:00 PM2019-07-14T22:00:00Z Session 2
Sunday, July 14, 2019 6:00 PM2019-07-14T22:00:00Z Session 3