Don't Call Me Angel! (A star-studded Ariana Grande vs David Boreanaz hack of Jason Statham's Big Vacation)

A silly Tik Tok trend and my love for Jason Statham’s Big Vacation inspired me my first one-page RPG.

The game is complete but still “in development” as I got some feedback from friendly fans of Ariana Grande.

Anyway, here’s the pitch.

Ariana Grande, the beloved pop icon, and her closest entourage were introduced to Vampire the Masquerade™ by a Stranger Things™ cast member. Carried away by her legendary enthusiasm, and a slight misunderstanding of TTRPG, Ariana started her quest to reveal David Boreanaz’s true vampiric nature. It’s up to YOU, this VtM™ table pulled from her closest entourage, to prevent this situation from turning into a disaster.

Please let me know if you think it’s worth playing or just something too silly.