Don't pay the Ferryman! Fantasy Espionage PBTA

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Don’t pay the Ferryman! pbta rpg! clarified and updated with more Ectoplasm!

Espionage. Magic. Pogo sticks. Come for the Astral Space, stay for the Grue!

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The two main cultures of the setting are non-western european inspired.

League of Free States : Aka The West.
Peoples - Lots of Agamar (Lizard folk), Cyclops, Orks and Ranik (Frog folk). Some Dryad, Grakar (Pangolin folk), Kitsune (Fox folk), Lugat (Bat folk), Nekomata (Cat folk), Satyr, Tengu (Raven folk).

Cultural Notes :

  • Archaeopteryx are considered sacred, cannot be harmed.
  • Buildings : Farms – Many corn fields and vineyards. Homes and Temples-Stepped pyramids. Theatres – open air, amphitheatres with weekly plays. Many pools and gardens throughout towns. Public bath-houses and marketplaces.
  • Caste System : Hierarchy of society is Sphinxes, Priests, Warriors/Sorcerers and then Workers.
  • Dead are mummified, goods buried with them in slopped pyramids. Organs stored in Canopic jars.
  • Every seven years the Priests of each nation decide on a racial enemy for the next 7 years.
  • Free market economy.
  • Lots of bronze tools still in regular use. Iron and steel weapons.
  • Most wear amulets, symbol of clan/god/animals etc.
  • Pass on stories and teaching by reciting tales and group songs. Written lore is on home and temple walls-cartouches.
  • People believe in good and honest life leads to reincarnation.
  • Public schools for 7-11 year olds. Learning Language, Religion and World lore.
  • Scarab beetles and Ibis are considered sacred. To see them near your home is a good omen.

Xenek Empire : Aka Elven Empire.
Peoples – Lots of Elves, Humans, Kitsune (Fox folk) and Nekomata (Cat folk). Some Agamar (Lizard folk), Dryad, Dwarves (Badger folk), Gnomes (Raccoon folk), Ranik (Frog folk), Satyr, Tengu (Raven folk).

Cultural Notes :

  • Birthdays, Marriages and alliances are marked with giving of jade ornaments and jewellery.
  • Buildings : Farms – Many rice farms. Nobles have 3-7 level pagoda houses. Every house has a meditation room or Zen garden. Most homes have ceramic roof tiles.
  • Clothes - Conical hat, sandals, lose pants and shirt. Kimono for formal occasions.
  • Common food – Rice cakes, Ramen (Noodle Soup) and Sushi rolls (vinegar rice with meat), All meals eaten with chopsticks.
  • Dead are sent to the sky to become stars with funeral pyres, never burial.
  • Monks in Monasteries-Multiple shrines within. Summoning of Demons and Undead is illegal.
  • Most common hobbies are calligraphy, gardening and martial arts.
  • People of this culture have strong family ties have often all members of several families are allies for generations.
  • Shapeshifters and Humanoids are called Bakemono.
  • Warriors - Samurai practice bushido - What to do in war time and peace time. Loyalty to ruler, Courage, Endurance, Integrity, Duty to the truth and Honour.
  • Well patrolled roads, Agriculture-drainage and crop growing.