Don't Pay The Ferryman


Been toying around with an idea for a pbta game, fairly revenge/rebellion focused

any suggestions/feedback/criticisms go for it

Map -
Overview -
Playbook -

I love the name/idea combination. Are you using an existing games basic moves or writing your own? It doesn’t feel like what you posted is necessarily leading towards a PBTA game, there’s a lot more there.

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I was thinking PBTA, but Macchiato Monsters is an option too. It has a nice balance of system depth and customisation.

Since you bring up MM I want to ask: do you see character churn being likely? (Either due to character death or player churn.) I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently about the impact of that and chargen speed… (ie if chargen speed isn’t super fast, character death or player swaps are going to be big speed bumps.)

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since the nation is run by the overlord, the stakes are real from the outset

on the other hand, the militia will take you as prisoners since they are more useful than corpses, so rescues are options too

so some character churn, but not full funnel mode, i don’t see char gen being too long, maybe 10-15 mins tops