Doskvol Vendetta: The Brood – Blades in the Dark

There will be 3 sessions in total.

CONTENT WARNING: Violence and criminal activity; revenge, substance abuse, poverty, classism, loss of parents/orphans, ghosts, supernatural.

Doskvol Vendetta is the story of a once-notorious family brought low in the Dusk. The parents murdered, the children sent to orphanages or to live on the street. Ten years later the siblings have reunited to seek revenge on the cabal that destroyed their family, and reclaim their home.

RSVP OPEN ACCESS TIME: Open to the public for sign-up at 2/17/2021 13:01 CDT GMT +5

Sundays in April, 10:00am-1:00pm CDT GMT +5

Session 1 – 4/11

Session 2 – 4/18

Session 3 – 4/25

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