Dream Campaigns

For awhile, my dream campaign was a supers game set in the 1950s - traditionally, superhero settings feature a relatively low-key 50s because the superhero genre itself waned in that time period. My game would have had a “What if superheroes never waned and went on to reflect the times in their stories” kind of premise.

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I didn’t know the Urban Shadows/Hellblazer/Books of Magic campaign was a dream of mine but now it is. Any write-ups anywhere?


Great pendragon campaign, a city of dis planarch Codex game using world of blades or just good old WoDu, a hellenic or Roman blades game.


I’d love to do something long-term with Planescape/Sigil, which I have attempted to do several times in the past, and Glorantha, which I’ve never managed to get going.

And I’m another who’d love to do the Great Pendragon Campaign. Run, play, whatever.

Hmm… enough people interested in it yet to get the Great Gauntlet Campaign going? :stuck_out_tongue:


The great Pendragon Campaign is on my bucket list too. I also want to do an urban industrial fantasy campaign along the lines of the Bas Lag books by China Mieville or The Iron Dragon’s Daughter, though I have no idea what system would be appropriate. A full season’s worth of The Bat Hack.


Or for the pessimists; does it end when the revolutionaries become the thing they were fighting against…?

hmm crazy idea… three games, one setting.

So like decent sized city, monsterhearts, monster of the week and urban shadows all in the same city

Does not have to be same MC, but they’d have to meet often to update public or supernatural events - eg X happened to the bookstore on 5th avenue and it was in the news etc

Would need to be a reasonably large city to allow enough events without the national guard being sent in (though that would be the end of season 1 climax)

The MC(s) would discuss major plot events - eg astral wasps in ep 3, predator style aliens in ep 7, other events are just for individual games only.

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It’d be pretty fun to let characters occasionally crossover, making the appropriate playbook conversions (The Mortal > The Mundane > The Aware, for instance).


In one of my face-to-face groups, we’re hundreds of years in to The Great Pendragon Campaign. We promised we’d finish, but our GM has moved many miles away. I do hope we can someday unlock this great achievement!


Such is the curse of all who pursue the quest of completing the Great Pendragon Campaign.

Seriously though I wish you and your group the best!


I think Blades in the Dark works well for urban industrial fantasy, or a hacked/reskinned version of Urban Shadows.


Settingwise, definitely, but gameplaywise I want something more character focused than Blades (and also less action/heisty), and less laser focused on faction politics than Urban Shadows. (That said, you’ve listed two of my favorite games, so you’ve hit on my taste pretty well.) Part of me thinks that Burning Wheel could be reworked for it with new lifepaths, traits, etc., but I’m not sure. Still, may give you a sense of the kind of play I’m looking for.

What you’re describing sounds like something I’ve also been super interested in - might be a fun niche to fill with a new game!

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Dracula Dossier and Pendragon Campaign are on my list, too.

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They’re all on my YouTube channel, @Will_H !

1/4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXfNz5OTdVA
2/4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuiIWBsKxJk
3/4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIX7orKNms4
4/4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWnaF6twWvM


Just Apocalypse World: FE. I think the Advantage rules in that are really interesting and with some tweaking would be my “perfect system”.

Having gotten a taste of what a mutually-trusting tRPG group online could feel like, I would settle for just online play of a campaign of Lady Blackbird (because I wanted Mal and Inara to be together but at their own pace), or slightly tweaked Hearts of Wulin (I miss the nostalgic wuxia of my younger years), or some kind of hacked version of Lady Blackbird to play scifi action-adventure melodrama (so I can play Chinese NPCs who may possibly end up with a happy ending :innocent: ). :tv::popcorn::sob:

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Have your revenge!!!


Thanks, but I don’t do dnd until some very drastic changes happen.

P.S: just the blurb of the setting has elements that betray lack of tact and ignorance on handling real world culture and ethnicities; it also has little to salvage beyond mechanics and has equivalences that betray a superficial, aesthetic-only understanding of the source material.

When I was 21, a great GM ran Pendragon Campaign for our group. We had some things go wrong for our PCs (in game), and it’s my greatest gaming shame that I derailed the whole thing to go on a Kill Bill murder spree and got us all killed.

I seriously think about and regret it about once a month.