DREAMJAM Content Jam/Hackathon

DREAMJAM is wrapping up! This was a jam partially about offering some answers to the question, “What exactly is this SWORDDREAM thing?”

I submitted a game called “The Great Soul Train Robbery.” It’s a two-page game hacking Honey Heist into an allegorical Weird West tale of Desperados robbing the Devil’s own locomotive.

Anyone else submit games to DREAMJAM? How did you decide your game fit under the broad aegis of SWORDDREAM? I’ll share my own thought process: my game is rules-light and has a whole bunch of evocative OSR-ish tables for setting details. That seemed like a good enough start to me!

Let me know if you submitted a game or any thoughts you have on the submissions or the burgeoning SWORDREAM movement/label/phantasm!

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I developed Saviors of Hogtown and Other Stories for DREAMJAM!

For me, this was an opportunity to demonstrate how PbtA can adopt the OSR philosophy of danger and adventure. It was also a great opportunity for me to develop my layout skills and work with an incredible artist! It’s currently on sale to celebrate the jams release.

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