Dust City Outlaws [ONE-SHOT]

Publisher’s Description: " From the team that brought you Lords of Waterdeep , Dusk City Outlaws is set in the sprawling city of New Dunhaven. In this game, the players take on the roles of criminals on the wrong side of the law, collectively known as the Right Kind of People to those who run in outlaw circles. These criminals come together to form a crew, and take on a Job, a criminal enterprise brokered to them by a third party. Each member of the crew is a member of one of the eight cartels that rule over the city’s criminal underworld.

The game is built from the ground up to be a one-shot, pull-off-the-shelf adventure.

In Dusk City Outlaws , there is no “right” way to handle the Job. The members of the crew formulate their own plan and put it into motion however they like; the Judge does not need to plan out plot twists and a complete narrative arc, only react to the actions of the players. New Dunhaven itself is a massive urban environment on the scale of modern-day New York City, giving the players nearly limitless freedom for the scope and details of their plan. Dusk City Outlaws uses sandbox play, accompanied by robust systems to help the Judge improvise, to give players ultimate freedom and eliminate the need for lengthy scenarios."

GM Francisco’s Description: "Straight up, it’s like Blades in the Dark meets Saturday morning cartoons."


Media Touchstones: Venice, Italy, Blades in The Dark, Oceans 11, Dungeons and Dragons, Thief (videogame)

Venue: Discord. Video is not required but highly encourage. I GM better if I can see your faces and get visual feedback of how the story is going!

CW: PG-13-level fantasy Renaissance violence, heists, conflict with city guards

Character Creation : Easy and Fast. Players will get one Cartel card and one Profession card to make their character in minutes.

System: 100AC System. Find more info at the Scratchpad Publishing website.

Duration: One 4-hour play session followed by Stars and Wishes

Breaks: 3 breaks at the top of each hour (5-10 minutes)

Recording: None

Attendance: One session

Prior experience required: None, rules will be taught in play. This is a rules-light game.

Safety: Lines & Veils, Script Change, X-card, Open Door Policy. Tools can be modified throughout the game to suit player needs. This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct .

All Access Time/Date : 1am Eastern on 12/18/2020

One session on Sunday, December 27 9pm Eastern:

I think you’re missing the link to the calendar page for the game, @DarthPoppacat.