DW GM Prep in 4 Pages

Hello lovely adventurers and game masters! I’ve spent the better part of a week ironing out and condensing everything I’ve been doing to run my Dungeon World games and reckoned some of you all might like to use it for your own games. It’s form-fillable and looks nice when printed out as well. Granted this PDF won’t be of immense use if you’re already a fairly experienced GM, it has certainly been helpful for me!

Here is a link to peer at and download if you so desire.


I’ve been running DW for 5 years and I still think this could be pretty useful. Thanks!


Thanks for pulling thoughts together and sharing. I’m still getting my feet wet as a DM and these will help me a lot!

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Thanks, I like the 7-3-1 rule and the envelope idea :slight_smile:

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This is pretty cool!

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