DW Magic Item: The Amulet of the Black Skull

Hello! I’ve made a magical item for Dungeon World based on the Tomb of Annihilation item The Amulet of the Black Skull for use in my own games as a fun thing for my necromancers and liches to have access to (and eventually my players if they manage to grab one), and thought some other people might enjoy using it too!

Weight 0, 3 Uses
This amulet is carved from obsidian and shaped like a screaming humanoid skull, with ruby eyes and emeralds for teeth. It hangs from an iron chain necklace.

While wearing the amulet, you can expend one use to transport yourself and anything you are wearing or carrying to a location familiar to you (in other words, a place you have seen or visited), and it must be on the same plane of existence as you. The amulet regains its uses when you make camp and forgo healing.

When you envoke the power of the black skull but aren’t undead, roll +CON. On a 10+ you arrive at the destination with no trouble. On a 7-9 something else comes with you. On a 6- the skull cackles as you are transformed during transit, roll 1d6 and consult the chart.

  1. You arrive at the destination without the Amulet of the Black Skull, and you are now an undead skeleton of your former self. Discuss with your GM about the possibility of a new racial move, or give control of your character to the GM.
  2. The symbol of Death is burned into your flesh. Until the curse is lifted, you cannot be healed by magical means.
  3. Until the curse is lifted, strange protrusions of bone cover your flesh. Anyone you attempt to Parley with will refuse to do as you wish.
  4. Until the curse is lifted, you are shrunk to half of your normal size. Your equipment remains its regular size.
  5. You arrive at the destination wearing nothing but the Amulet of the Black Skull. Everything else that you were wearing or carrying appears in a random unoccupied space within 100 feet of you.
  6. Until the curse is lifted, your eyes are replaced with Rubies. You can still see, but everything is extraordinarily red.