Ebook RPG and Story Games

Hello everybody,
Can somebody give me an example of a game that’s published in ebook format rather than PDF? If it’s free, that would be awesome. Thanks

I believe almost every game from UFO Press (so Legacy, Voidheart Symphony, etc.), Also, many if not all Atlas Games titles (Unknown Armies, Feng Shui, Over the Edge). The Watch, Night Witches, Epyllion, The Warren, Monster of the Week, Stars Without Number, Word Wide Wrestling, No Country for Old Kobolds, and pretty much anything from Genesis of Legend (Spark, Sig, After the War), Sigil Stone (Vow of Honor, Hunt the Wicked), and Christopher Grey (The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth, The Great American Novel). I’ve also got The Sword and the Loves and The Dig. Oh, and Urban Shadows!


Wow, thanks alot! That’s a great list.

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I believe Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-granting Engine is also available as an ebook.


flatvurm mentioned most I am aware of.

I also have ebook versions of Don’t Rest Your Head and Lovecraftesque and the Seven Wonders anthology from Pelgrane press.


Well, there is a second question that I had on my mind. Do ebooks offer any features that PDF don’t?

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They tend to be better for accessibility purposes, I think. Screen readers can parse them easily, and you can modify fonts and font sizes and colors based on the ebook reader’s preferences, which helps people with vision problems.


To add what Nickwedig mentioned: Reflowing layout. Whatever the screen size or format, an ebook can change its layout to conform to that screen. (And its text size/font setting, etc.)

Also they are easily copy-pastable out of the box and can generally be converted into other file formats without problems.

(DRM schemes might change all of those, but for DRM-free ebooks the above should hold.)


The Fate Core rulebook is also available in ebook for pay what you want. I wish there were more RPGs out as ebooks but the conversion is usually prohibitive…

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I am very interested in ebooks as game texts and games, but I don’t know as much as I would like to about what features that they have that can enhance game play.

There are the accessibility features mentioned above. This is super important for reaching a broader audience–giving everyone a chance to enjoy our hobby.

Are there any features with the new ePub3 standard that could improve play for all audiences? Plugins, features, and what-not that would make them a better distribution format that PDF? Better in game? etc.?

For example, can an ebook include a die roller or form-fillable character sheets?

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It’s really about the accessibility, mostly because while you can do some pretty wild things in an ebook, support for more advanced features across various devices is kinda like web browsers in the 90s…different, patchy, and inconsistent. Hopefully it will continue to standardize but we have to rely on Amazon to come into line with the format’s actual standards…


I made sure that A Cool and Lonely Courage was available in EPub as well as PDF format https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/283986/A-Cool-and-Lonely-Courage