El amor sin nombre (The Love with no name)

El amor sin nombre (The Love with no name)

San Diaz used to be a quiet town in southern california, that is until a rich vein of gold was found nearby. Soon prospectors and the hopeful people flocked to the town, hoping to make their fortunes by finding gold. For many all their found was disappointment but several mines sprung up around the town bringing riches to

With this new found prosperity came the undesirable, the outlaws that started preying on that prosperity. Now this boomtown stands upon the edge between civility and barbarity, and only lover will decide it’s future.

Join me as we tell the tale of the Telenovela “El amor sin Nombre” taking themes from Westerns. Here the only thing hotter than the noon sun is the blazing hearts of those in the town.

Are you the young priest, caught between your love for the local Mine owner and your vows to the church? The cantina owner trying to make her way in the world and battling for the love of the local doctor? The school marm who must choose for her love of the local bandito and the brave sheriff that opposes them?

Whoever you are, wear you heart on your sleeve and keep your six gun loaded for both will win the day as the clock strikes noon.

The game will use the X-Card and the Gauntlet Inclusivity policy.

The game will start at 20.30 BST on monday evenings.

2020-10-05T19:30:00Z2020-10-05T22:30:00Z: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MGubk35rMAS9SzcqSPH
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(please be aware that BST end on the 25/10/2020 so the session will be at at a different time for those outside of the GMT timezone)

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