Electric Bastionland structure of play

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I’ve gotten a group in for Electric Bastionland but I’m not entirely sure what the game will actually play like at the table. I had a similar problem when I ran UVG, but the UVG had that it’s mostly in the wilds between locales and was managable.

So what can play look like in ItO:EB? How is there so much mortal danger in civilization? It can’t be like gangs on every street. So I’m just wondering if those who have played it could share some insights here as I prep this thing!


If you’re interested, you can check out the Gauntlet Hangouts videos for Electric Bastionland here.

Also, I should probably ping @RichardRuane!


I think @JasonT also has thoughts about this.

The default assumption of Electric Bastionland is that you are treasure hunters working to pay off a debt, so go hunt some treasure. That’ll probably take you out of Bastion itself, so come up with a wilderness adventure for Deep Country, or a subterranean dungeon for The Underground, or plug in your favorite scenarios wherever you think they’ll fit.

It’s pretty easy to convert other games’ materials to the EB rules on the fly – assume creatures’ abilities are all 10, HP are between 1d6 and 3d6, armor is between 0 and 3, attacks are d6 (or d8 if especially dangerous), and especially scary things might do something bad upon inflicting critical damage. There are also some adventures explicitly statted up for Into the Odd/Electric Bastionland, like Silent Titans and Blood Harvest. Some folks also like to use Trilemma’s system-neutral one-page dungeons; I wrote up Into the Odd stats for The Sky-Blind Spire that you might find useful as a reference.

And, of course, there may well be danger on every street corner in Bastion itself, even if not in the form of gangs. It’s still dangerous to agree to test out strange machines by eccentric inventors, make deliveries to a building that is starting to become unmoored from physical reality, collect taxes from alligator merchants, etc.

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Thanks Jason! I guess i was thinking about treasure being located in the more urban environments and less about it elsewhere like the Deep Country or Underground.

It does sound like converting should be easy and since you have so much experience I appreciate the link to your skyblind spire conversion. I’ll be sure to have that on hand for when I convert others in the trilemma compendium.

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