EMPOWERED! (The Playtest)

EMPOWERED! Build your hero. Build your world. Play to see what happens!

EMPOWERED! stems from a decades long love of Champions/HERO play, and my need to streamline it and apply more narrative, “fiction first” aspects of modern indie games. I’ve worked to combine elements of both into the system I’ve always wanted to run and play.

EMPOWERED! is a campaign agnostic system for building superhuman characters, then building the game world as you play. Determining the Concept, Aim, Tone and Subject Matter (CATS) for the actual play will be part of the session and initial world building.

My goal for this (and hopefully future) playtest is to run the system up against differing and passionate player expectations and see what they make of it. I want to play to have fun while also pushing the limits to see if and where the system is lacking or breaks. This single session could expand to multiple sessions if we are having fun and wish to continue as a group. There are aspects of EMPOWERED! that really only come into play when there can be character growth, plot development and world building.

Looking for 3-4 open minded TTRPG players of any experience level. Years of hardened expectations, or new to supers play… all are welcome. If you lean toward tactical play or more narrative play, EMPOWERED! was built to engage both.

All access time for sign-up begins on noon, 4/13/22. Pre-sign up available until then. (Once we have folks signed up, I will reach out with links to Zoom, character keepers, materials, etc.) If there are enough people interested, I will post more sessions.

We may not use the entire 4 hours, but wanted to provide enough time to create and play. (12:00 Noon EST is the specific start time.)

Safety tools that will be used include Lines & Veils, the X Card, and the open door policy. The Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct will be in effect.