Enchanting Mundania

@Deckard told me about Sidewalkia (Alyson Grauer) and I didn’t want to derail the thread, but I like these games where you enchant reality a lot. There are many of them and in a way, contemporary settings do this (ever been slightly afraid of being watched in the dark streets after a session of Chtulluh or Vampire ?). So I’ll ask about someting more specific: techniques for enrolling passer bys in a physical public place.

Safety techniques, games, wild dreams: a brainstorm always begins as a catalogue, we’ll see what comes out of it.

Safety techniques: from Killer the assassination game. Don’t impose yourself, don’t put anyone at risk, don’t give anyone reasons to start a fight or put you in jail.

Games: flashmob can be sort of that, also Read/play games (Sean Patrick Caine), Casual games for casual hikers (Harry Josephine Giles), Walking the Furtuire (Randy Lubin), barter hunt (you have a number of worthless items and must barter with passer bys until you have a whole different set of items)


  • captive audience (vehicle, elevator, hike, queuing, etc.)
  • funny disguise, congeniality, spotting “open” people
  • scape alteration: road sign, chalk drawing, decorative item (photo frame, bird cage, plant), audio, last enrolled is hyped (hype snowball), audience circle
  • enrollment prop : empty photo frame, funny hat, magic wand, water pistol, menu/leaflet etc. clear tone & contract
  • low barrier for entry (physical and cognitive), no win/lose, a good sense of personally vs socially acceptable limits
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