Ennie Award indie games nominations

Saw this article on Polygon today about the Ennie Award nominations for indie games. I only heard of a couple of these, but all of them sound amazing! I particularly like the emphasis on story games for most of them. Has anyone experience with any of them?


I have played Zombie World. Like all of Magpie’s output, it’s very smartly designed. The form factor of cards rather than dice makes it seem likely to reach a broader audience than already invested RPG fans.

I’ll add that I’m extremely honored to see my game Secret Science Sewer Siblings get an ENnie nomination for Best Free Game!


Of the Indie nominations, I’ve looked at Mork Borg - which is a real triumph of aesthetic design and seems like a perfectly good rules light classic style fantasy adventure with intentional design that supports and is supported by its heavy metal, slightly psychedelic, implied setting.

I read some stuff on Thousand Year Old Vampire, but haven’t played it - it seems quite cool.

I should add that there’s a lot of other stuff there that’s quite good - Bastionland, UVG, Mothership, Rakehell, the good stuff I missed – all amazing products that even if it’s not “indie” in the sense of “storygame” is absolutely great and worthwhile.


I wrote Score, which is nominated for Best Rules! So if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them.


My only quibble with Zombie World is that its box is exactly the wrong size. It’s way too big for the basic set that comes in it, but not big enough/the wrong dimensions to fit the expansions.


This is also a good place to note that the selection of Judges is actually making some progress in terms of diversity. Please vote for women and PoC, the white dudes will do fine without our help.


And you can find voting (for awards, judges, and Fan Favorite Publisher) right here!

If you like what I do, show some love for Secret Science Sewer Siblings and Cloven Pine Games!


Although Polygon don’t mention it :frowning: my game A Cool and Lonely Courage is one of the nominations for Best Game this year. I know it has been run a couple of times on The Gauntlet, and I’d be happy to answer any questions about it - or you could find out a little more on my site here (which includes links to documentaries and dramas about some of the remarkable women it honours)