Escape from Dino Island (For new players)

New players welcome! For the first 48 hours, please only sign up for this if you haven’t played in a game on the calendar before. The usual priority access period has been waived for this game.

Escape from Dino island is a thrilling adventure game about everyday people who are brave and competent, but in over their heads on an island overrun with creatures from a lost age— dinosaurs! Will you escape with your lives? What will you learn about each other? And what kind of person will you become in your quest to survive?

Subject matter in this game could include some violence, probably not described in detail. It’s possible there could be harm to animals (esp if you consider dinosaurs ‘animals’ in this context), and one of the playbooks is The Kid, which could mean peril or harm to a child is on the table. We’ll use safety tools including lines and veils, romance preferences, the x card and the open door, and the game will run under the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Sessions will be run over Streamyard with short breaks on the hour. If players consent, I’ll record the first session in lieu of note-taking, but won’t post the videos. Signing up for both sessions is recommended but not required, but you’ll need to sign up for all sessions you want to attend.

I’ll email players a week before the first session to confirm attendance, share play materials, etc.

Session one:
Session two: