Ewok Guard RPG v1.1

If you are interested in the slightly revised version of Ewok Guard RPG V1.1, you can find it here. https://aquavertigo.com/ewok-guard/You can also watch a recording of the game here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAL5PyMwQ98

Please share any feedback if you do run the game. :slight_smile:


What’s the pitch? :slight_smile:

We are Ewok–children of the GREAT TREE. We protect the Forest that lives between ground and sky. All of this is a sacred place we share with others, until the Skull Moon appeared above us. That is when the Night Spirit left our dreams to walk among us with fire and death. Since then, Ewoks from all villages have come together and vowed to fight as one guard against the Night Spirit and all who seek to harm the Forest.

A tabletop RPG about defenders of the forest moon of Endor

Play a member of the courageous Ewok Guard. Help wayward visitors survive. Navigate challenging terrain on quests for villages. Survive internal division and politics. Fight dangerous predators far from home. Protect your people within the sacred Forest from the Night Spirit and prevent it’s ruthless Spawn from destroying all, including the Great Tree at the heart of the Forest.


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It’s such a cool idea!

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