Experience Tableau: Try Our Free Print-N-Play Improv Playset for a Limited Time!

Hello everyone!

A special treat awaits those who enjoy collaborative storytelling.

For the month of April, we’re offering a FREE Print-N-Play promo deck of the Tableau: Improv Playset! This promotional deck serves as a teaser for the full Tableau game system.

Tableau is a GMless storytelling system for 2-5 players, played using poker-sized cards featuring rules & inspirational images. It helps you create a satisfying cinematic storytelling experience over just a few hours, without the need for advance preparation or a designated gamemaster or narrator.

The Tableau: Improv Playset is perfect for those who enjoy the traditions of improv. It provides a simple yet unconstrained framework for weaving dramatic, character-driven, one-act story in a collaborative and cinematic way. All the Playset and Tableau Core cards you need to play are included.

In addition to the Tableau: Improv Playset, this deck includes 16 Tableau Reference cards that each offer 36 useful prompts to inspire both improv and storytelling (in categories for Genre , Mood & Tone , Theme , Setting , Desires , Relationships , Catalyst Scenes , and Plot Twists ).

This free Print-N-Play promotional deck includes:

  • 4 Improv Playset cards for a simple one-act storytelling session
  • 19 Rule cards from Tableau Core
  • 16 Reference cards

Remember, this offer is FREE for the month of April!

Download the “Print-N-Play” PDF version of the Tableau: Improv Playset from DriveThruCards or DriveThruRPG

We hope this promo deck inspires you to consider backing our first two Tableau playsets — Tableau: Twilight Road and Tableau: Gate Watch . Pledge now on Kickstarter!

Happy storytelling!

– Christopher Allen - Dyvers Hands Productions

“The best stories are the ones we tell together!”