EXUVIAE play report

Played a cool 2P game of EXUVIAE last night - an etiquette mistress and a journalist.

They were talking too loudly in the first bar, so the mob owner came and had a chat and told them to get some dirt on the mayor

They bribed their way into the town hall, snuck around and found some weird shit and weirder folk in the mayor’s office — including the insectoid body of the mayor’s secretary folded up in a filing cabinet and not yet dead. Some weird wormflesh humanoids looked inside the room, but the two were well hidden — at least until the creatures threw a lit molotov into the room to start a fire.

They got out, gave the information to the mob boss, then lay low by checking out an abandoned amusement park where they spotted a meeting between the mob boss and the mayor — the latter of whom pulled a gun and shot the mob boss.

The two snuck off into the night, back-lit by a burning helter skelter, to try and sell the truths they had learned…

Both of the players were brand new to role-playing, and the session had a good flow of spoop and bants.

What I really like is that the whole thing ran through in three hours from no prep and I was similarly surprised by the events and the outcomes as keeper.

I should really offer this at more cons.


I have a pdf copy of EXUVIAE but have never got it to the table. Does it need much prep and would it work online?

I’ve never tried it online - though it’d struggle from the requirements of the physical objects.

Prepwise, once you have your head around the mechanism, it doesn’t need much. The prompts are designed to draw ideas from the character generation process, so there’s no need to prep specific plots or hooks