Facing the Titan, my GM-less RPG is out

In may 2019, I’ve closed the crowdfunding campaign for Facing the Titan. I planned to release it in Fall 2019.

Today, the PDF is available to backers and to everyone else ! The delivery was as epic as the battles portrayed in the game ^^.

Facing the Titan is an RPG based on the Swords Without Master system, by Epidiah Ravachol. It features a group of Heroes, the Company, whose fate is to face a Titan. The game depicts the discussion of these characters, the night before the clash, while they remind themselves of their journey. And the last phase of the game is the fight.

It’s GM-less, with 0 preparation needed. It’s intended for a one-shot session of roughly 3 hours, for 3 to 5 players. A dedicated solo mode also exists.

The campaign helped me fund 10 more Titans, for a total of 16 !

Some of the Titans have been written by guest authors like Khelren, Melville, Epidiah Ravachol and Rafu.

There is articles to help you modify the game, create content or hack the game.

If you have any questions about the game, ask!


Kudos for your endeavour and hurray for your product seeing light.
J’a-dôre les illustrations !

edited 2021/01/23 Also, the idea for The Wall is terrific.


Thanks! Roger Heal (the illustrator) did a tremendous job!

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Beautiful! I think I remember some of the early conversations about this game, over on Story Games. Congratulations!


If I might make a modest suggestion, maybe put a link to the DTRPG page somewhere on your website? I spent more time than I would to admit scrolling around and looking for a flashy image or big red banner labeled “Buy it here” before I noticed the pretty ordinary small print informing me that it’s available on DTRPG.


Thanks! I thought I put a link but missed to do it. And the image is a good idea.

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Love the idea and the art, I will definetely check it out!

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