Faction systems

Hey there,
I’m currently planning an open table OSR game and am enthralled with the idea of giving the players (limited) control over a faction.
I’m looking for systems that I could lift/adapt for this.
I already know Godbound, ACK and Echo Resounding. Godbound is close to the level of complexity I am going for but seems a little too focused on high power shenanigans for my intended use. ACK and Echo are too fiddly.
Do you know other systems that could work for this?

I asked for something similar recently, maybe the thread can help: Examples of good faction (information) design?

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I wrote a post up on this a couple months back for The Gauntlet Blog:

That has some ideas as well as the actionable system I used for my 13th Age campaign.

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I started playing around with a generic faction template to try to find what’s at the heart of a “faction” before mechanizing it. Once I got this far I started to wonder if it needs more mechanizing at all.

Thanks for your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:. I think I will try to hack the Freebooters follower rules into something that will work for me. But I am open to more suggestions!

I’m not 100% sure (because I haven’t played the game), but Remember Tomorrow may have some interesting technology for you to steal. (It’s a GMless cyberpunk game with a bunch of factions making moves across the urban landscape.)

Of course, Stars Without Number has a faction system you may be able to exploit.

And, finally, Blades in the Dark should have some good stuff for you to borrow, as well!

I’d definitely take a look at those games, and pilfer some tools.

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REIGN: Enchiridion has a really fascinating faction system that overlays rather nicely onto many traditional games. It’s simple, and designed to depend on player and player character activity rather than just working quietly off-screen.

Having said that—what are you looking to get out of systemizing this faction, rather than making it purely narrative?

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I love Blades in the Dark! The smooth interaction between faction and fiction is one of the things I’d really love to port to OSR (I’m running Whitehack). It’s just easy to use the faction assets (mainly Cohorts and Experts in Blades) to accomplish things in the fiction without just handwaving them.
I already own REIGN so maybe I have to take a third look :wink:

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