Family of Blades two shot - 2 Fridays in June

Open access time for signups is 5/22 at 10PM EDT

This is a two-shot of Famiy of Blades. This is a game about a team of criminals who became a family, broke up, and have now been thrust back together for one last job. Powered by the Forged in the Dark engine, A Family of Blades has been written with an emphasis on fast-paced one-shots and episodic gameplay.

Attendance at both sessions is strongly encouraged; if possible please sign up for both halves.

Touchstones: Lupin the third, Fast and the Furious, Leverage, Oceans Eleven

Duration: 2 sessions, 3 hours each, with short breaks on the hour.

Number of Players: 4 players. One spot is reserved for Ben Bisogno

Content Warning: Violence, Substance Abuse, Smoking, Gambling

Saftey Tools: Lines & Veils, The X-Card, and an Open Door policy. All of which will be explained before the session. It will be run under the Gauntlet Code of Conduct)

The Pitch: A person with strong personal ties to your crew is taken hostage by a kidnapper. The Kidnapper is competent and/or ruthless enough that leaving the problem to law enforcement won’t end well. Who was taken, and why are they so important to the crew? Can the crew get past their differences for one last mission? Who did the kidnapping and do they know who they’re messing with?

Rules: A Family of Blades by A.C. Luke, A modern RPG of action and intrigue. A simplified version of the Forged in the Dark system designed for quick starts and quick play, a structure for episodic play,

Venue: Zoom. The session will not be recorded.

Contact: Players will receive an email about a week before the first session to confirm the commitment and receive links to play materials.

If you sign-up and your availability changes, remember to drop from the site and give me a heads up.

Session 1:

Session 2: