Farrier's Bellows -- Shock: Social Science Fiction

Greetings, Friends of the Farriers! Today we’re heading into the far future to discover what society has in store for us in Shock: Social Science Fiction by Joshua A.C. Newman. We talk about the sci-fi genre, how this game mirrors the best of science fiction anthologies, how its GM-less rules handle narrative ownership and more. Join us, and prepare for a shock!



I have long thought that it is strange that this game fell off the “bandwagon”, despite having a brilliant framing mechanism. Looking forward to checking this out! Thank you for drawing attention to some “indie darlings” that many people in the current PbtA Era seem to be unaware of. So many fantastic and unique games!

Perhaps this is mentioned in the podcast, but it’s worth noting that there are some updates/expansions for this game, like Shock: First Contact (although I’m not sure of the current status of those game texts).


Great episode. I love the notion of social science fiction and cybersociology, so I’m really looking forward to play this! Thanks for bringing another great game to my radar.


Loved the podcast and the game, and my group also had confusion due to the character sheet on the rolling part. There’s definitely some mental reorientation required for the conflicts too. Great different sci-fi exploration game. Thanks for sharing your experience with it.

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Looking forward to this, I am always hearing how good the game is.