Fathoming deep-6

Just had an idea of a game crossover between Night Witches and the movie, The Abyss where you play a group of highly skilled deep-sea explorers who discover more than they imagined.

Who’d play this?


Me! Now! Yes please!

What is it about Night Witches that makes it the perfect game to hack for this?


Iiiinteresting. I’m particularly interested to hear the interpretation of the “go-return-recover” loop.

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Very good question but if it gives the feels, tension, and sci-fi of the game and movie then that would be fascinating.

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I’d love to play this!

A couple things about why I feel Night Witches could be a good inspiration for deep-6 is that it does have the uncertainty whenever you go out and down into the deep. Ships and drones have names and personalities. The relationships are key. There are cross-purposes, such as orders from outside the mission. There’s the idea of authority and how well you can trust your team and yourself when it really matters. Would this game have aliens? I don’t know. But there’s a lot of humanity on the line and fair amount of things that can change without warning and are out of control, like the weather or one person’s decision to sabotage something. There is a threshold on how far you can go based on your gear challenged by our desire to surpass that. Temperature, scarcity of resources, an abundance of water, and maybe nukes. :wink: You could do a submarine crew if you wanted it more like a war time game with the threat of torpedoes and defecting captains. But I was thinking of a crew that does rescues, salvage, etc.

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There’s an interesting possibility for a near-future sci-fi setting, being the first miners/explorers on Europa.

The apparent youth and smoothness of the surface have led to the hypothesis that a water ocean exists beneath it, which could conceivably harbor extraterrestrial life.

A frigid, lightless, alien ocean, trapped under a crust of ice, with unknown things in the depths, not enough funding, not enough resources, while scientific and corporate pressures push you ever deeper.

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