Favorite Roll Table?

I love a good creative prompt. The provocative language, quirky details, and clever positioning put me into a space where my categories of knowing the world are rearranged. Sometimes those come in the form of a narrative description of a character (Troika) or a faction (Spire). But sometimes I like the chaos and randomness of the roll table. So what are your favorite roll tables that prompt your creative juices? The Codex is a great space for this, but what other games, supplements, or sites do you return to?


I’ve often used the tables in Legends of Anglerre to get the juices flowing.

Nate Trame and Barrowmaze’s “meatshields” have some great npc/hireling material


Mothership’s Patches and Trinkets Tables (both d100).


I’m a huge fan of the collated Dungeon Dozen from Jason Sholtis

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The numerous tables in the Warhammer chaos books Slaves to Darkness and The Lost and The Damned are pretty wild.

d1000 tables for chaos weapon properties and the like.