Favorite (Truly) One Person RPGs?

Just curious, what are people’s favorite one person* RPGs? And what do you like about them?

*As in a game you play entirely by yourself, not a one-player and one-GM game.

I’ve heard of a few of them: The Beast, Ironsworn (theoretically), Orion Black’s Plot Armor. But I haven’t actually given any a try. I’d love to know what folks think about one person games in general.


I really like Thousand Year Old Vampire. And Ironsworn isn’t theoretically one-player! It fully supports solo play without needing another player at all.

Solo games for me are really great, short-session things when I’m feeling a burst of creativity. I do, like, little, mini writing “sessions” where I draft up sort, little fictions. They’re fun! Although a totally different feeling from collaborative storytelling (naturally).


The Beast is quite interesting!


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I’ve been doing Ironsworn. It does work great as a solo game. Roll on some tables, get some inspiration and commit to those first choices to make the world consistent. Then just roll the dice and “Pay the price” in the way that makes most sense at that time.

I wrote my first two sessions, but it’s in spanish.


Scarlet Heroes - the math and oracles are good for truly solo OSR play, though I cannot recommend the setting.

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What about How to Host a Dungeon? I never tried it but it seemed very appealing

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