Fear of a Black Dragon - 50th Episode Special - QUESTIONS NEEDED

@Coalhada and I are getting ready to record our 50th episode of Fear of a Black Dragon. It’s going to be a special episode where we reflect on the OSR scene and the show itself, as well as answer your questions. If you have a question you’d like us to answer, please put it in the replies. The question can be about ANYTHING: OSR modules, TTRPGs more generally, fun facts about the hosts, whatever.


Jason, what is your favorite nautical-themed adventure you’ve run or played in?

Tom, have you noticed any regional gaming trends across the audiences that you interact with (UK/Brazil/Hong Kong)?

If you were introducing the OSR to players new to gaming, what system and module would you use?


One of the reasons I love the podcast is because it’s so philosophical at times, so I wonder perhaps whether you’d answer a question along the lines of ‘What aspects of thinking deeply about game design have transferred over to other parts of your lives?’, or something along those lines. If you don’t see ‘parts’ of your life as separable, then that would also be an interesting answer.

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You asked for it! Where is The Between ? :grin:

What tropes of OSR are essential to give the experience and which ones have been done to death and should be stopped immediately?

Which systems do you think best handle different types of OSR (and what are those types)?

What leads you to the choice of system A for module B?


What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve found in a dungeon?

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Which of the OSR modules you have discussed is your favorite? Jason and Tom

Which systems paired best with your favorite OSR modules?

Which was your favorite episode to listen back to?

What is the hardest part of putting together this podcast?

What is the best system for handling riding mounts?

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What features or trends in OSR are you most excited to see? Are there any things you hope to see explored further? Any advice for new writers?

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Where are the cross-over spots between OSR and more story-gamey techniques?

After looking over so many adventures, what are some principles of adventure design for adventures that you find well wrought?


Which one of the alternative names suggested by @coalhada at the end of the podcasts you like the most?? At least one!

Perhaps not the scope of the podcast, but: which moves you think will happen in the next years in the OSR scene, and which ones you would like to see happening…

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Hi Jason and Tom,
What are your favorite OSR releases that you have not reviewed on Fear of a Black Dragon?
Are there any upcoming OSR projects (outside of Gauntlet ones) that you are excited about?


Love this podcast and I’m eagerly awaiting the next 50 episodes!

I’d be interested in hearing you discuss or expand on some of these topics:

  • Principles of olde school/OSR type play and how/why/when to use them
  • Player skill vs character skill
  • West Marches type games
  • Maps and exploration

Some modules/adventures I’d like to see covered:

  • The Misty Isles (Wee Warriors 1977)
  • The Isle of Dread (TSR 1981)
  • Winter’s Daughter (Necrotic Gnome 2019)
  • Rotblack Sludge (an introductory dungeon crawl for Mörk Borg 2019)
  • Fronds of Benevolence (Melsonian Arts Council 2019)
  • Super Blood Harvest (Dirk With a Vengeance 2019)

(Edit) I’d love to see some thematic episodes too!
Wilderness exploration, island hopping, urban picaresque, courtly intrigue, megadungeons etc!

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What OSR adventure or module do you wish you could experience for the first time again?

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What are your thoughts on OSR minimalist games like Into the Odd and Knave? Is it true that everything in the OSR will someday be some form of the GLOG? Is “auto-hit” combat (such as in Into the Odd) brilliance or heresy?


What was the game that changed the way you play or run, for the better? Made you stop and go hang on, I get it now, we can play a much better game from now on.