Fear of a Black Dragon - Death on the Reik (Part 1)


In the newest episode of Fear of a Black Dragon, @Coalhada and I are ON A BOAT in Death on the Reik (Part 1)!

Thanks so much to @Lu.Quade for stepping in for Paul on the editing.


What's your OSR?

Oh, man. OMG. My absolute favorite module of all time. I’ve run it a couple of times in different versions, so good. Now you’ll have to do Power Behind the Throne. (You can give a pass to the rest of it after that).


Can’t wait to listen to this!


Even that I know most of the WFRP 1ed adventures/campaigns very well, it is still really cool to hear others’ take on it. I find the differences in liking certain aspects of the module between Jason and Coal especially fascinating!

Personally, growing up with WFRP, the mundane “drudging through the mud” adventure style is what I see as OSR. None of those heroics and high fantasy with bunch of monsters. I am pastoral all the way! (Although we call it grimdark in where I am from :stuck_out_tongue: )

I am looking forward to the 2nd part and possibly some other WFRP modules (personally hoping for The Restless Dead, which is far from fan favorite, but I have great memories of running it).


God, I adore Ian Miller’s art. He’s appearing at the Fighting Fantasy Fest in London this summer and I’m keen to spend all my merch money on him


Is that the art that Jason didn’t like?!


I don’t think it’s bad necessarily, it’s just not to my taste.


Although the goblin leader illustration is pretty great, I have to admit.


I was just coming here to make sure someone had complained about Jason’s complaints about the art. Good job, people. But looking at the module again, a lot of the art is pretty frumpy. I had assumed it was all going to be crazy Fighting Fantasy art, etc. But, no. It certainly feels pedestrian compared to a lot of the other stuff Games Workshop would have been putting out at the time. (Interior art is all apparently by the same artist, which seems unusual for them.)

Still, can’t go wrong with a boss Ian Miller cover.


It looks like this module is also a video game which might be an interesting companion adventure


I did the exact same thing @funkaoshi. I went back to the book %100 sure I was going to find John Blanche, Russ Nicholson, et al. The whole WFRP. And then I was like…wait @jasoncordova was riiiiiiight.


I love living in a world where my opinion on this starts to overtake @Coalhada’s.


I played this module at university and it was not until more than 20 years later that I realised we must have just skipped whole parts of it. That or my memory’s not very good, which I’m also willing to accept.


The “keeping a long scenario on track” part of this was really useful and interesting — I’m currently fifteen sessions deep in Masks of Nyarlathotep as powered by Cthulhu Dark (at the massacre sight in Kenya with somehow only two investigators hitting maximum insight yet!)


That… does not seem possible. Are you triggering insight rolls when the characters observe something strange or disturbing?


We are, yeah: but we’re also using Graham’s suggestion for campaign play to lessen insight between key chapters. The investigators have also been liberal with their destruction of evidence after they’ve hit Insight 5


Ahh, I see. Funnily enough, there is probably no human who runs more Cthulhu Dark than I do, but I have never read the book, haha. I’m still using the old rules.


It is worth giving the expanded book a read for horror scenario planning theory, but there are as many necessary rules developments as you expect