Fear of a Black Dragon - Deep Carbon Observatory

In the newest episode of Fear of a Black Dragon, @Coalhada and I are taking a look at Deep Carbon Observatory! The Expert Delve portion is about condensing a module to fit the number of sessions you have available.


My fav podcast reviews my fav OSR module. I couldn’t be happier!

I just finished running a conversion of DCO for D&D 5e and it worked out surprisingly well. The players lost two of their party to the Giant and countless hirelings to the Crows and still managed to pull ahead with the big haul.

One thing I like that I don’t remember if it got mentioned - even the treasure found in the Observatory is dripping with story hooks, from the Extraplanar Bank Notes that can only be redeemed in other dimensions, to the Opalized Vampire Brains (grow your own vampire; just add blood and cement!)


I quite liked the way the flood ties together all the disparate encounters. Each by themselves would be unpleasant but the fetid water pollutes them all further.


I really liked the chat on crystallising down big modules into small portions — I’ve run B2 quite a few times as a one-shot and it’s a pleasant challenge.

For me, the key has been to up the level of filmic conceit — I talk in terms of the camera, smash cut forwards to the next key point, frame scenes hard.