Fear of a Black Dragon: Give Us Suggestions!

The God that Crawls- LotFP
Broodmother Skyfortress-LotFP


Cool. I’ve got to listen more then!

It’s not Old School but the sensibilities of Forbidden Lands are certainly more 1980s than 2010s. Have you done that?


I’ve just started running a game set in Kevin Crawford’s Red Tide. The setting itself is an interesting take on D&D tropes but the best bit, along with the Echo Resounding supplemental book, is how he outlines establishing and running a sandbox.

The Goodman Games edition that collects the original with a 5E conversion is great.

Seconding Village of Homlett, especially in context as a lead-on to the Temple of Elemental Evil. It was the first D&D module I ever played, back in like 6th grade.

Also putting in a(nother) plug for The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, which has always felt the most self-consciously video game-like of the AD&D modules.

For my money, The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun is worth a look, given Jason’s predilection for cults and rituals and Old God weirdness. I love that it’s got a detailed run-down of how the ritual to summon Tharizdun works so the PCs can give it a go (warm up the horn or your lips will stick to it!)


I heard the Goodman 5E version of B2 failed to account for combat distinctions making monster populations quite high and certainly if it’s played with 5E combat encounter centered impulses I bet it would be time consuming.

Some ‘classics’ from last decade that come to mind are:
Red hand of doom
the Kingmaker adventure path


Two more old-school adventures to consider…
AD&D 1e: “Valley of the Earth Mother” (TSR - Dragon #102 - Oct 1985)
AD&D 1e: “The Pit” (TSR - Dungeon #17 - May 1989)

I know FoaBD is an OSR-focused podcast, but I think there are a few gems from the modern traditional RPG era that deserve a look. I’ve used several published Pathfinder adventures as an outline for a Dungeon World campaign, and my players and I all thought it went swimmingly.

So, some suggestions from the modern RPG trad tradition would include…

D&D 3.0: The Sunless Citadel (WotC)
D&D 3.5: Crown of the Kobold King (Paizo)
D&D 3.5: The Skinsaw Murders (Paizo)*
Pathfinder: Murder’s Mark (Paizo)
Pathfinder: Tales of Old Margreve (Kobold Press)
Pathfinder: Dark Waters Rising (Raging Swan Press)

*Part 2, “Misgivings,” is one of the best haunted house adventures I’ve ever seen!


Have you covered Earthshaker from the CM line of D&D modules?

Earthshaker huh? It has a fun cover, but have you looked inside? The domain play stuff is interesting, but when I looked at it it felt like it squandered the opportunity of colossus as dungeon in favor of linear scene based combat encounters? Do I have it confused with something else?

Honestly, I never played Earthshaker. It looked cool, though I’m hearing from you that looks may be deceiving.

Yeah I loved that cover as well. It’s a real late TSR product though, where boxed text, a positivist approach to the wonderous, and mechanical minutiae overcome a good large scale ideas. Like Spelljammer or B10 King’s Festival.

I tried to write a two page dungeon based on it once, but all I liked about it in the end was the art.

I have a soft spot for the one-on-one UK D&D module Blade of Vengeance.
I love the Jim Bambra illustrations and the quasi-tolkenian mood.


If you need some shorter, more digestible modules, do more Dungeon Crawl Classics ones! I really love the format they have and they don’t overload me with fluff. My favorites:

  1. Sailors on the Starless Sea (Which you’ve done already)
  2. Doom of the Savage Kings (Sort of standard fantasy done in that gozno DCC way)
  3. Perils on the Purple Planet (DCC at it’s core and really not like anything you’ve had on the show yet!)

Famine at Far-Go is awesome. Highly recommend!

Oh wow, blast from the past!

I do remember this one really fondly as well, although I may just have been at the right age to really appreciate it.

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Here’s a selection of some of my favorite DCC modules:

  • Intrigue at the Court of Chaos
  • The 998th Conclave of Wizards
  • Enter the Dagon

None of these are dungeon crawls exactly (despite the game being called Dungeon Crawl Classics), but they all portray magic as the terrifying, chaotic, corrupting influence that works so well in these types of games.


it’s also one of the early mixes that I have seen of point-crawl, timeline-based events and story-driven narrative. I saw some of the techniques here for the first time.

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In Dungeon Magazine #51, there’s a module called The Bandits of Bunglewood, about a pack of Kobold raiders, and I adore it. Hearing a FoBD episode on that would be fun.


I know that one! Agreed.

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