Fear of a Black Dragon - Horror's Heart

Head into the heart of darkness…sorry…cœur des ténèbres, Montreal!. On the new episode of Fear of a Black Dragon your hosts ride on the twisted tracks of the Call of Cthulhu mini-campaign, Horror’s Heart.


This is one of the best FoaBD episodes since the Yoon-Suin episodes. I’m a little biased since FoaBD made me become a gauntleteer, but nonetheless, bravo. I had questions surrounding many of the struggles that Tom & Jason brought up in this episode, especially with regards to very large modules and applying them to modern systems, as well as what really is railroading versus hard framing. Thank you both so much!


I could not agree more! The railroad discussion helped me understand so many of my frustrations with the controversy. It comes down to expectations and player agency. Nothing kills my excitement at the table as a player when I feel like I have no agency. The corridor or sand-trough analogy was so on point.


Great advice on breaking down the railroad (maybe I’ll get some use out of the old 90’s modules after all)!

Much of the module premise just seems completely absurd if not described properly - a family of people who turn into random animals, a cult revolving around an elephant god whose followers get big floppy ears and noses as they become more devoted - sounds almost like a plot out of “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.”


Damn, I really need to speed up on my Darkplace investigation module

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Another great episode as usual! I particularly enjoyed the new song.

Likewise I’m going to heavily invest in the term sandtrough and or corridor. It really fits the way I like to build oneshot experiences (like my linear dungeon Pier).

In wider reading on the railroad, I remember enjoying this from Will Hindmarch.

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