Fear of a Black Dragon is fantastic

I just need to say this…

I absolutely loved Discern Realities and even though I miss it dearly, I’ve been really enjoying Fear of a Black Dragon over the last couple of years.

@jasoncordova, @coalhada, you create such a lovely vibe - very few podcasts manage to do this for me. I find listening to it to be akin to settling back in a comfy leather chair in front of a roaring fire. The dulcet tones, the obvious care and passion you put into your prep, and your insights all weave a magical spell.

So I wanted to post this just in case people don’t compliment you on what you have created enough. Thank you, thank you, and long may it continue!


Thanks so much! That’s really nice to hear. :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:

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I am very much not an OSR guy, but some of the older modules give me a tingle of nostalgia, and the conversation is always interesting and informative.

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Interestingly, neither am I. I mostly run Dungeon World/Homebrew World, but I’m always on the lookout for cool OSR-style adventures that I can adapt.

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I originally just came to the podcast to listen to old D&D modules. But the quality of the podcast is beyond any others I have ever found, and listening to any modules, even OSR ones you never heard of, is pure gold for learning what makes a module great.