Fear of a Black Dragon Links

I have really been enjoying binging my way through FoaBD while I have been mobile. I rarely have been in a position to note the specific recommendations. My google skills are leading me nowhere. Someone must have compiled links to all the recommended music playlists, adventures, etc. that have been suggested for each episode, right?

Does such a thing exist?


Good idea, I’ve been keeping notes of the things I want to revisit, it certainly would be a nice perk.

Not sure if there’s a fuller list somewhere, but if you check out the individual episode pages on the blog, I see some of them have thinks like links to Youtube playlists recommended by Tom, e.g.:

Nice, I hadn’t even noticed that some of the newer ones had some links. I was in the middle of listening through the pod-series, and just cottoning on to the fact that it was a running joke that links were always talked about, but never provided. I’ll keep an eye out moving forward though.