Fear of a Black Dragon - Post Your 2021 Gaming Resolutions!

@Coalhada and I are doing a special holiday episode of Fear of a Black Dragon, and as part of that, we want to hear your 2021 gaming resolutions. Are there any particular games or modules you want to try? Are you going to try to game more often? Really, any New Years resolution related to tabletop gaming is fair game. Post them in the replies here; we’ll select a few to read on air.



I’m enjoying the FKR trend and hope to run more games in that style — especially within the Alan Garner canon.

I’m also planning on getting my OSR titles Gully-Toads and Ouroboros polished up and released as premium zines: we need more no class gaming out there.


What is “FKR?” Tried some googling, had no luck.

This is probably the best primer

tl:dr is Increased GM fiat and fewer player facing mechanisms

My 2021 plans are to run more games - I’ve got my home group of 3 - 5 and just added three more 5E fans so I think I can get a home (well Zoom) game going with up to 8 now (more likely the usual number will be 4-5 - but that’s the joy of open tables).

More interestingly I intend to get a few things published. A) ruleset aimed at exploration and dungeon crawl play based on OD&D and what I think of as the “2012 Toronto Old School” scene rules, that I’m calling CRAWL (1/2 Done - Quickstart almost done). B) An introductory adventure called “Tomb Robbers of the Crystal Frontier”. Low Western influenced opium fantasy about looting the crashed crystal fortresses/tombs of space elves … err … Empyreans. (written, 1/2 illustrated, 1/2 laid out) C) A companion zine/adventure to Ultan’s Door No. 3 (currently at publisher). So 3 works out in the first 1/2 of the year.

Finally, I need to do a good, complete read of Apocalypse World and Night Witches to get a better understanding of the play style.

  • Get to the Black City with my open table UVG campaign on the Gauntlet
  • Organize a multiple GMs / open table Delta Green group on the Gauntlet
  • White Whale: Finally run a medium length Veins of the Earth campaign
  • Getting back to playing around an actual table with food and friends and smells and sounds that don’t come out of the speakers of a stupid laptop.

Organize a multiple GMs / open table Delta Green group on the Gauntlet

Woot! Color me intrigued.


I want to play more. My recent game with the gauntlet helped me unlocked some “fear” I’ve got.
I’ve got “Brindlewood Bay” on target for a campaign.

I also want to “play” more without being the GM/Facilitator.

And I want to get my game “Facing the Titan” out there finally. It’s near completion. Hoping to see people play with it. And me getting on new projects.


I chronically over-prepare. I want to prepare closer to the amount of material my specific group will appreciate.


Gaming in my second language is always a pleasure but a challenge. I aim to connect with more people through gaming in Japanese this year. :mount_fuji: I look forward to watching lots of historical dramas to get the right words right when role playing. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


I want to play some bucket list games I somehow haven’t yet (Dialect, Root, etc.) and to play more of my own games run by other people.

Plus, I would love to have an established indie publisher put out one of my bigger games like Checkpoint Midnight or Plutonian Shore!

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I’ve been disappointed with my attempts to run games this year, so I’m going to try solo RPGing for awhile.

This is ambitious but… I want to try and run, or play in, every officially published Trophy incursion.

Because I have sold games for many years, I have long ‘justified’ my gaming as an extension of my career and professional life. The pandemic pushed the decision to end that career on to me, and I find myself struggling with figuring out how to ‘justify’ all this gaming when it’s not directly tied to work.

So my main resolution for 2021 is to spend as much time playing and facilitating and creating as I can reasonably manage, but be OK with playing solely because it brings me joy and it’s how I make friends and feel creative. Basically, to work on the need to justify it to myself and others as being part of a hustle of some kind. To finally make peace with being ‘a gamer’ because that what I want out of life.

Also to learn Affinity publisher do when I do make things they are pretty.

-Jim C