Fear of a Black Dragon - Special Episode: The Veiled Society with Red Moon Roleplaying

We have a special crossover podcast episode in the Fear of a Black Dragon feed. @Coalhada recently ran The Veiled Society for the folks at Red Moon Roleplaying. I listened to the whole thing and it’s pretty good! I’m not normally into DnD actual plays, but the production values are really nice and Tom is a very charming GM. If you need something to keep you entertained tonight, this would be a fun choice:


I was rather looking forward to this. Recording quality seems pretty good, with the voices nice and clear, but as much as as I’d like not to be negative I’m afraid the continual music makes it impossible to enjoy. Was the intention to make it sound like an Ultima-style computer game? Sorry to say it, but no RPG recording has ever been improved by music or sound effects, for all that they seem to be increasingly in vogue.

Sadly, I had to abandon this one.

Conversely, I loved the music! I am a fan of much of the stuff from Heimat der Katastrophe however, and thought that it was used effectively.

I thought that having this as a companion to the FoaBD episode was good as a way of providing examples for the topics discussed.

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Agreed, albeit it fell short in practice for me purely because of the constant music, which makes it very hard for me to follow the dialogue. Hearing a discussion of a module before play is novel and has lots of potential. It’s not always easy when listening to a play session alone to really grasp what an adventure is about, or what else it might have to offer, and this approach could work very well.

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