Fear of a Black Dragon - The Legend of the Golden Condor

On the newest episode of Fear of a Black Dragon, @Coalhada and I are taking a look at The Legend of the Golden Condor, an adventure for the Brazilian RPG, The Elephant and Macaw Banner. On the Expert Delve, we discuss ways of enriching in-fiction downtime.

Thanks to our editor, @Lu.Quade

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Hi @jasoncordova
In the episode you said that you used some moves for a campaign to see the development of the players base.
Have you published/shares those moves somewhere?

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We made custom moves for different portions of the base as it grew, not custom moves to govern the growth of the base (if that makes sense). Essentially, as we did adventures, we added things to the base and then made custom moves for some of those things. Here is the base itself, though it may not make much sense minus the context of having played: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tmH2qBBnMRecNbtLLSQ2Kf-06kzUfAPQOZwBd1g0NFQ

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Wasn’t really discussed during the conversation that I heard - but how was the handling of representation of the indigenous peoples in the module? I’m assuming since Tom @Coalhada was involved, it was a-ok; but the thought did cross my mind.

It felt respectful to me, but Tom can definitely speak to it more.

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