Fear of a Black Dragon -Times That Fry Men's Souls

On the newest episode of Fear of a Black Dragon, @Coalhada and I discuss Times That Fry Men’s Souls, a massive hexcrawl adventure that takes place during the American Revolution. For the expert delve, we’re talking about working with implied and emergent settings.

Thanks to @RichRogers for doing production on this episode.

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Thank you very much for the recommendation.
Some notes :

  • info sources : player input (PC backrgound mostly) , GM input (places, people), outside material (random tables, mechanics, infodump), OoC table talk (I add : GMful “dominions” like in Archipelago and Dream Askew)

  • features : from stakes (scarcities, etc.) to colour (places, names)

  • emerget setting is a permission to enjoy, making retconning a breeze

What best answered my expectations :
sliding scale of how many features :
few : fruitful void, easy info-management for dynamic gameplay
many : less vague (I add “feeling of total complex autonomous world”)

Great episode!

Regarding the Bible verses referencing lions: It’s hard for me to say without examining the specific verses, but the Bible uses lions as symbols of power and, thus, they can symbolize both God or the Devil. Hence the “Lion of Judah” that informs C. S. Lewis’s famous Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia. But also hence the demonic lions in Pilgrim’s Progress, ranging about to devour the pilgrim.

But you mentioned these verses came up in the context of a spy cipher. Could it be that the lion therefore had a political meaning, as one of the traditional animal symbols of England?

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That’s an interesting observation! Yeah, it might be a political allusion.

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